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An urban woman is by definition a commuter. Bike ride to work in rush hour traffic. Lunch with a friend uptown, opening night at a gallery downtown, dinner, drinks and talk of business at a hole-in-a-wall restaurant midtown. All in a day’s work.

The way things stand now, she has but two options. If she wants to commute well, she must sacrifice style. And if she wants to look good, she must sacrifice comfort.

Vere Verto rejects both clumsy style and frumpy efficiency and offers a brilliant solution—handbags that are both commuter bags and high-end purses. A couple of pulls and tucks and a backpack becomes a classic bowler bag or a chic satchel purse. A flick of a wrist and a hip pack transforms into a fine evening clutch.

Vere Verto’s multifunctional leather bags are a luxury and an absolute necessity for the urban woman who wants to look good while deftly navigating the asphalt jungle she loves to call home.

The bags are made from the highest quality leathers tanned according to centuries-old traditions in small family-owned shops in Spain and Italy. Every detail is studied, obsessed over and tweaked to perfection with the goal of making each bag durable, functional and graceful all at the same time.

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